WhatsApp Marketing Services In Lucknow

WhatsApp Marketing Services In Lucknow

If one had to think of a platform that revolutionized life as we know it, WhatsApp would be pretty high up on that list. The platform launched in 2009 and had a bit of a rocky start but it has never looked back since then, and has now become an indispensable part of our life. When one thinks of online marketing strategies, WhatsApp Marketing does not emerge as an option. However, it has immense potential, as the average message has an open rate of 98%, as opposed to the 30% rate of emails. In 2018, WhatsApp Business was launched and it has completely changed the game for businesses. WhatsApp founders have even pointed out its immense potential by citing the example of Classic, a Bangalore based company, who makes 30% of its sales through WhatsApp. Along with these fabulous benefits and incredible potential, the cost is incredibly low, and engagement statistics show extremely favourable results, making WhatsApp a veritable marketing goldmine. Vowel Digital World’s business philosophy includes making sure that our clients extract the best every single marketing platform has to offer, and that includes WhatsApp.

We help our clients navigate the choppy waters of WhatsApp marketing, and help them engage a massive audience, cultivate strong relationships with customers, and increase sales with ease.

In With the New : Milking the WhatsApp Revolution

Every single person we know has a WhatsApp account. Functioning without WhatsApp has become impossible, as we grow increasingly connected. Given this indispensability, WhatsApp marketing has grown immensely as an industry and can enable clients to take their business a step forward and maximize sales and customer satisfaction. More than 50 million businesses connect with their customers through it, and the number grows every day. 84% SMBs in India believe that WhatsApp helps them communicate with customers, and 80% firmly believe WhatsApp helps them grow their business. Vowel Digital World realizes this incredible potential for our clients, and helps them milk it well.

Automated Customized responses and Higher Engagement: WhatsApp for the Win Vowel Digital World will help you use an AI chatbot that will enable the customers to feel incredibly valued. With a simple program, we can send instant, pre-decided replies to customers and achieve amazing results by displaying intimate connections with them. Marketing is now all about personalization, the reign of the mass is over, and we shall help our clients walk through this.

Quick Responses and Brand Loyalty Through WhatsApp

Research shows that the average customer expects assistance within five minutes from brands, and automated WhatsApp chats are the best way to do that. Even if you are not available to reply to the customers, they are assured that their concerns are being heard, and they will feel valued and remain loyal to the brand. Moreover, WhatsApp lends intimacy to a business transaction, and is one of the most effective ways of establishing a digital presence.

Keep up with the Stats : Milk the Features of WhatsApp Business

As we all know, analysing the effectivity of data and marketing results and strategies is a critical part of the process. Marketing is an ongoing process, and is never complete without incorporating changes and adaptations based on statistics. Data gathering for the same can often be a long process, but WhatsApp automates this process by providing statistics in the business application. It records Dara on how many messages were sent, how many were delivered, and how many were actually opened and read by the recipients. All this data can be used to fine tune and adapt the game plan accordingly, and our clients can make changes accordingly. Vowel Digital World believes in moving with the times, and we make it a mission to ensure that our clients do so too, and WhatsApp marketing is one of the most efficient ways to do that.

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