Email Marketing Services In Lucknow

Email Marketing Services In Lucknow

Email Marketing is one of the most widespread and oldest strategies of content and digital marketing, and it has maintained its relevance in today’s fast paced and rapidly evolving world. While email marketing might not sound as interesting and hip as celebrity or influencer marketing, it is still very effective and retains its position in marketing, because everyone has atleast one email address. Everyone needs an email address to create social media accounts, amongst other things, and according to a report by The Radicati Group Incorporation, the number of email users is projected to rise to 4.1 billion at the end of 2021, making email one of the most accessible forms of marketing. Moreover, emails have a high delivery rate of 98.7%, making them a highly effective strategy to reach and engage customers. One might think that email marketing might be annoying to any potential customers and that its hay day is gone, it can be channelized creatively to nurture prospects, in new and ever evolving ways. Vowel Digital World has a large team of highly qualified and creative professionals, who can channelise emails in increasingly novel and effective ways, to ensure that emails stay relevant and can contribute towards increasing qualified and effective traffic.

Trim Down the Fat : Engaging Subscribers

We have all received unnecessary emails countless times to the point of annoyance. More often than not, they are irrelevant to us, and we unsubscribe from them. Vowel Digital World believes in quality and not quantity, and our dedicated team of professionals will run analytics and optimize the list of subscribers to ensure that only genuinely interested subscribers are included in the list. We will also remove duplicate email addresses and inactive subscribers to ensure that our client’s emails reach only those who want them.

Say Bye to Boring Emails

Vowel Digital World makes it a mission to ensure that our clients bid goodbye to blah and boring emails in the standard format and welcome creative and fun emails with open arms, but without lifting a finger. We will design interactive, interesting, creative and engaging emails that will capture the eyes of the users, and convey all the information required. Emails can be creative, with a little effort, and we push ourselves to design formats that are the perfect fits for our clients. We test out different and engaging subject lines, and create personalized, relevant, useful, and interesting email formats. We design beautiful emails with embedded images and changing fonts in a sophisticated, eye-catching and chic manner that will attract potential customers. We customize emails according to our clients’ preferences and take any existing campaigns to new heights.

Say No to Technical Tensions

Our team of experts will handle all the backend functionalities to check if they are running properly, and will regularly update and make changes to ensure that the program is running effectively. Our job does not end at drafting formats for emails, as we believe that marketing is a consistently ongoing process that involves continuous monitoring and adjustment.

Constant Changes and Updates : Something New Every Time

We collect, measure and analyze the results from the email campaigns using sophisticated processes and incorporate any changes if required, to ensure better and more effective results. We also ensure that our clients receive regular reports to include them in the process and tailor the campaigns as per their requirements and incorporate any suggestions they might have.

Optimizing Your Website Traffic Via Emails

Email marketing does not function in isolation. It works together with the website, and other marketing strategies to ensure the best of both worlds. We can program your website in a way that customers receive emails if they have left something in a cart. When combined with an urgent call for action, it often results in increased purchases of abandoned carts. This is one of the many strategies that we can employ. Vowel Digital World prides itself on our unique marketing strategies, and we always provide out of the box solutions for all problems.

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