Search Engine Marketing Services In Lucknow

Search Engine Marketing Services In Lucknow

The last couple of years have entirely changed the vocabulary of marketing. Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, as it is called, is one of these new and emergent techniques that have proved to be highly effective. As the term suggests, SEM involves promoting websites on search engines through both paid advertising and organic search results. This technique has gained popularity as we now turn to Google and other search engines for everything that we do, from looking for restaurants to eat to places to visit to insurance needs. Consequently, more and more companies have started expanding their investment in digital marketing strategies, and we encourage our clients to do the same, as search engine marketing has a very high rate of return on investments. Vowel Digital World has a team of highly experienced professionals who thrive in this cutting edge, fast paced environment, and can guide our clients through the complexities of digital marketing seamlessly. We update our skills regularly to serve our clients better every day. We also make it a point to shoulder all the burdens for our clients, who can savour and relish the rewards our strategies have to offer.

SEM Today : Scope and Benefits

The benefits of SEM have been thoroughly researched, and there are several statistics to back the claim to its effectiveness. We run to Google for everything before buying, and as per research by, 81% of the population runs a search engine test before purchasing. Local SEM is even more effective in generating website traffic and sales, as 49% companies garner over 1,000 views off their Google My Business listing each month, as per Moreover, data demonstrates that 14.6% of leads from organic SEO and SEM strategies convert into customers compared to only 1.7% print ads and direct mail. Thus, we need to move with the times to maximize our potential, and we guide our clients through the ways in which they can jump on the SEM train too.

Covering All the Bases : SEM and Cross-Posting

Google leads the global search engine market with a market share of 89.3%, while Bing comes second with a market share of 4.36%, and is closely followed by Yahoo, with a market share of 3.3%. We make it a point to post ads on all search engines as per the requirement, and also adapt it as per our client’s target audiences to maximize sales. However, we also make it a point to direct maximum attention to Google since it has the largest market share.

Leave the Grunt Work to Us : SEM and Brainstorming

SEM requires several brainstorming sessions that needs to be done periodically to ensures continued productivity, and incorporation of feedback. We take the burden of the technicalities of SEM off the shoulders of our clients, who can focus on their main tasks, and not stress over the complexities of digital marketing. We draw a comprehensive and holistic SEM strategy that focuses on keyword intent, volume, competition and cost, and organize the Ad campaign on various levels to maximize and boost traffic and sales.

SEM, SEO and PPC : The Holy Trinity

SEM is a larger, blanket term that includes SEO in its scope. While SEO mainly focuses on generating higher results through organic means, SEM also includes paid advertising, and thus includes PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising. SEM, SEO and PPC are the holy trinity of marketing, and the three need to be implemented together to cover all the basis and get one’s marketing needs up to steam. With high rates of return, low investment costs and potential for revision based on feedback, they make an irresistible combination, and are the three pillars on which digital marketing stands.

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