Best Bulk SMS Services In Lucknow

Best Bulk SMS Services In Lucknow

Marketing has completely revolutionized in the last couple of years, with the proliferation of social media. However, this does not mean that our old and faithful marketing strategies have lost steam. They still remain effective in the face of constant change and upheaval. Bulk SMS marketing is one of those old and faithful marketing techniques that continue to deliver in our modern times. It has continued to grow and evolve over the years. As the term suggests, Bulk SMS marketing involves sending the same message to a large number of recipients. It is a direct and non-intrusive channel of communication to prospective and returning customers that is cost effective and has a stellar rate of return.

As the number of marketing channels grow, it becomes harder and harder to capture the interest of the customer. Moreover, marketing channels have become increasingly intertwined over the years, and no strategy is used alone. For example, website development is tied with SEO, content marketing and social media marketing.

In the same way, Bulk SMS are also tied together with several other marketing options, leading to increasingly effective results. As marketing becomes complex, it may appear to be a daunting task to you, and you might be confused about the starting point. This is where we at Vowel Digital World come in. With our team of highly accomplished and capable marketing veterans, who constantly experiment with latest technologies, we can provide holistic marketing strategies that make marketing your products to prospective customers seem like a walk in the park.

Old Wine in New Bottles : The Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

All of us receive bulk SMS every single day. We often find them annoying, particularly if they are not relevant to our interests. Vowel Digital World is here to change the perception of bulk SMS marketing from unnecessary and annoying to critical, crucial and effective. We combine the basic bones of bulk SMS marketing with a number of latest, cutting-edge technologies to make sure that our clients can reach their prospective customers easily and effectively. We use several strategies during the same, and customize them according to our client’s industry and products or services. Our clients are our priority, and we make no moves without conducting thorough research about them, their customers, their present market status and future prospects.

Cut Costs, Not Customers : Effective Marketing Strategies

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies from all points of view, but it tops the charts when it comes to cost effectiveness. They are inexpensive as compared to other marketing tools that require heavy investment in terms of technology, time and input. Bulk SMS marketing also boasts of impressive return on investment, and some customers have even reported a 120:1 ROI. Vowel Digital World makes it their mission to ensure that our clients employ the best strategies to maximize their reach and profits.

Personalization and Moving with the Times : Transforming Bulk SMS

We at Vowel Digital World believe in staying with the times, and even walking ahead of them more often than not. We do not believe in sending mass messages, but rather use state of the art technology to personalize bulk SMS by automatically feeding messages with receiver data. We have ditched the humble SMS in favour of something more personal. We can also schedule and stagger the messages as per requirements, and can also design voucher codes, unique coupons and mobile tickets. Your wish is our command!

E-Commerce Tie Ups

Research indicates that the opening rates of text messages is 98%, against the 20% rate of social media. We utilize the capacities of SMS marketing and tie it up with eCommerce websites. We can adapt them to send abandoned cart recovery, feedback surveys, new product lines, back-in-stock notifications, among a few. We make it a mission to ensure that our clients feel valued, and we ensure that our clients’ customers are also satisfied, through our unique services.

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